How to write a unique blog post in hindi and english


How to write a unique blog post in hindi and English

If you have made your blog on Blogger So you should have the information. What are the options in the Blogger post editor? How to use this Blogger Editor. You should have good information about the Blogger post editor. If you have good information about the Blogger post editor So you can write a good post.

How to write a unique blog post in hindi and English

About all the options for the Blogger post editor
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Blogger post editor body
Let everyone know you. That there are mainly 34 participants in the Blogger post editor. Information about all these options is very important.

Blogger post editor body

1-Post Title - When the article is written on any topic. So writing one of its headings is very important. You must have read the news paper. The heading is written first in that news paper. Then it is written about. Keep this in mind when writing a blog post in Blogger. That blog's title is retractive. Only then will people come to your blog to read your posts. Also try it. Whatever that is, write whatever. Tell her readers exactly how to do it. Your title should not be more than 160 words.

2-Post Body- The topic on which the title is written A post based on that title will be written. Post should write like this. That people can easily understand.

Blog Post Editor Tools
3 Compos / HTML- We write the post. He writes in the compose view. The post you wrote appears in the html language or code in the html portion. If you want to use any html code So you have to write this html part and write it. When you want to add Ed's Ed in your post. So you have to use this part.

4-Anadu / Redu - With the help of this post, you can change the work done in the post editor. Like if you wrote the welcome and you deleted it by using the backspace button. Then you need the same word again. So you have to click the undo button. Then this word will come back. You will not have to type it again. You can use Ctrl + Z for this task.

5-font- In this option, we get options of multiple letters. By which we can make our posts even more attractive.

How to write a unique blog post in hindi and English

6-Font Size - Using this option, we can change the size of the words we've written. If you want to type in uppercase So you can use it. Apart from this, you can select the words written and use it.

7-Format - With the help of this option, you can arrange the posts written correctly. Using it, you can create all the headings and headings. Doing so does not make it difficult to read and understand.

8-Bold - With the help of this option you can put the letters written in bold. To make a word or sentence bold, select ctrl + b by selecting it.
9-Italic - This option can be used to skew the word written in the post i.e. italic. Press CTRL + I button to do this.

10-Underline- Use this option to underline any sentence. If you want to type the words in the underline So you have to press the ctrl + U button. Whatever words will be written after this She will be in the underline. If you press the same button again. Then the underline will end.

11-Strike Throw - With this option given in Blogger, you can cut words written from the middle. If you want to delete this option. Then click on this button again.

12-Text Color - With the help of this option you can write words in color. Select the words and color it.

13-Text Back Ground Color - With this tool given in Blogger, you can color the back ground of the page. you must know. That the back ground is white. You can put other colors in place of white.

14-Ed / Removal Link- This is a very good option. With this tool, we can put a link in our post. Select a word and click on this tool. After this a window will open. In this you can add a link to any of your posts or websites.

15-Insert Image- If you want to put an image in your post, then with this tool tool you can put an image in your post or the image should be in your computer

How to write a unique blog post in hindi and English

16-Video - With this option people can upload any video to people you people by people, but I would advise you to upload videos to YouTube youtube and then link to that video link link video here. Do

17- Insert Jump Break- With the help of this tool given in the blog, you can divide the blog post into two parts. If a user subscribes to the block, then half of the block on his Gmail will be posted

18-Element-Blocks tool tool is a tool used in this tool tool. This tool is a tool used in this tools tool. This tool has been developed with this Tool Tool. The blog post that you write is right on your page. If you want the post to be on the right side of the stomach, then this can be done with the help of it.

19- Number tool- If you have to add a list to your blog post post in your blog post post, then you can do numbering through this tool.

20-bullet list- This tool is used to make dot This bullet's mark is applied before the sentence.

21-Coat- This tool is used to show some special words. Like "shoutmeloudonline"

22- Removable formatting- This tool can remove the symbols used in the sentences. You'll need to select that text to remove the symbols. After selecting, click on removing formatting.

23- Check Spelling - Errors that are written in the text you wrote through this tool. Can fix it Select the text and click on this tool.

24- Transliteration Word- With this tool you can write your post in Hindi. This tool is essential for all those people. Who want to write a post in Hindi.

25 - Left / Right Alignment - The post written by this tool can work in the page. If you want to That's in the left side of the text page. So with the help of this tool it can work. 

26-level- This tool is very important in the blog. With this tool you can help your post differently. According to your topic, you will write and write in your blog. So it will be easy to read.

27- SIGNAL- If you do not want to publish immediately after writing your post. So with the help of this tool you can schedule time.

28- Parama Link- This tool is very important for blog posts. Before publishing the post, this link can be changed with the help of this tool.

29-Locations- With this tool you can set your location. Click here to get a drop-down list. From this you can select your country.

30- Search Descriptio- This is a very important tool for blogs. This tool has to be turned on. Because this tool stays first. Before publishing the post, you should turn it on.

31-Option- Through this tool you can turn on the comment option.

32-Publish- This tool is a very important part of the blog. After writing a post, you can click on this tool. After clicking here the post gets published. And it appears in our blog.

33- With this tool you can save your post. If you are writing a post That post is not completed. So you can save this post.

34- Preview- This tool is a very important part of the blog. Before publishing a post, you can see by clicking on this tool. Check out any post before publishing it before previewing it.

35- Cloos - You can close the window of your post through this tool.

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